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Live Well and Confidently

helping you simplify financial matters 

Corey Sunstrom, CFP® Photo

Corey Sunstrom, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning

Since 2012, Corey has been an essential member of the financial planning community and has demonstrated his commitment to his clients, his company, and the profession. Elected “Next-To-Tallest Friend” by almost everyone he knows, Corey is a dependable ally to have on your side. He is thorough and helpful, friendly and accessible. As an added bonus: he can grab hard-to-reach items without using a stepladder. 

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Corey spent time at NC State University in Raleigh earning his undergraduate degree, and went on to earn a Masters in Trust & Wealth Management from Campbell University, as well as earning his CFP certification. This means he can explain the really confusing jargon on your financial statements - and is also a pretty good teammate on Trivia Night. He currently serves as the Director of Financial Planning at Hobart Financial Group.

Corey dedicates his spare time to the outdoors, charitable work, and indulging in his passion for sports. He serves as a member of the Board for the annual Ballantyne Ball, benefiting various charities and organizations in Charlotte. When he is not managing accounts or watching the market, you can often find him managing his Fantasy Football team or watching the Panthers.

His idea of a perfect world is one in which there are no traffic circles, BBQ is always Eastern-style, and his woman doesn’t bring home lost kittens.