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Weekend Reading - December 15th, 2017

The quality of your outcome depends on the quality of your questions.  Through asking the right questions we can spark innovation and  creativity, gain deeper knowledge in the topics that are most important  to us, and propel us forward in our personal and professional pursuits.

Article of the Week

Warren Berger: Improve Your Life by Improving Your Questions - (Farnam Street) - How asking the right questions is critical to success.


Have cryptoassets created $0.5 trillion in social value?- (Marginal Revolution) - A fair question as people have realized they want assets with a greater risk profile.

2017 – The Year of the Comeback- (Howard Lindzon) - The mantra "Anything is Possible" has inundated the financial world as markets have climbed this year.

What Can We Forecast About Next Year? - (The Big Picture) - As you read the predictions for 2018, keep in mind the amount of variability and randomness the markets bring us regularly.

2017 Has Been a Remarkable Run For Stocks - (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Stability breeds instability, don't become too complacent and continue to hone your long-term investing strategy.

Are Recent S&P 500 Returns Excessive Relative To History? - (The Capital Spectator) - History is not always predictive, and has shown us that overvalued markets can endure.


Solving Hard Problems With Simple Ideas - (Collaborative Fund) - While we should be cautious of rules of thumb, they can help simplify complex issues and allow more time for learning.

Lower future returns: What’s an investor to do? - (Bason Asset Management)  - Asset allocation, taxes, and investment fees are large contributors to investment returns.  Paying attention to these can help during so-so markets.

Small Gains + Large Risks = Terrible Results - (A Teachable Moment) - Income investors have a habit of drifting towards more risk when trying to bring in yield.  

Good Financial Adviser/Bad Financial Adviser- (CFA Institute) - An excellent article on the difference between good and bad financial advisors.

Winter is coming! How to prepare for the next recession BEFORE it arrives - (Get Rich Slowly) - Personal finance tips to help prepare for an unkind market.


First Alien Star System With Eight Planets Found - (National Geographic) - Additional proof that solar systems like our own exist light years away.

Space Is Not a Void - (Slate) - "Before space makes sense for humanity, we have to wrap it into our social imagination, the space of human affairs."

The Coolest Scientific Discoveries of 2017- (Gizmondo) - From interesting to downright weird.


Disney-Fox Merger Sends Fanboys Into Ecstasy- (Inc.) - All intellectual property from the original Marvel will be located in one company...meaning...MORE MOVIES.

The Streaming Landscape After Disney's Deal- (New York Times) - More competition enters the streaming space.

Why the Disney deal suggests the tax bill may mean little for the economy - (MarketWatch) - A look into why the lower corporate tax code may not contribute to the overall health of the economy.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Isn’t Just a Domestic Issue- (Slate) - Many developing countries will look to US policy when building internet infrastructure in the future.

Why Net Neutrality Was Repealed and How it Affects You- (NY Times) - The internet could come in bundles in the near future.

The FCC Just Scrapped Net Neutrality: Here's Why Nothing Is Likely to Change for Awhile- (Inc.) - Lawsuits will probably impede the process of repeal.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 75+ things to do this weekend, including Panthers football, holiday markets and multiple ugly sweater parties- (Charlotte Agenda) 

Here are the top Charlotte restaurant stories of 2017 - (Charlotte Business Journal)

5 places to ski and snowboard within 3 hours of Charlotte perfect for a day trip, plus their lift rates, rental rates and more- (Charlotte Agenda)