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Weekend Reading - December 1st, 2017

Having confidence means staying with an idea when it’s not going well. Having humility means abandoning an idea when it’s been proven wrong.

Article of the Week

Conflicting Skill Sets- (Collaborative Fund) - "be open-minded, question assumptions, and never become too comfortable."


Active vs. Passive vs. Amazon et al. - (CFA Institute) - Amazon is a prime example of a few companies moving a large market.

5 Charts Show the Strength of the Recovery- (Bloomberg) - Positive indicators: Housing Price Index, Joblessness, household income, hourly wages, unemployment.

Great Products vs. Great Businesses- (Collaborative Fund) - Sometimes a great product doesn't necessarily drive great company performance.

The Wealth-Limiting Risks Of Diversifying Too Soon – Redwoods, Bushes, and Pear Trees - (Nerd's Eye View) - A theoretical look at risk/reward early on in your investing journey.


Want to have bitcoin in your retirement account? Read this first - (MarketWatch) - Different viewpoints associated with holding Bitcoin as an investment.

Uncle Sam is coming after your bitcoin gains (MarketWatch) - Investors aren't reporting tax gains on their shares, and the IRS is knocking.

Tales From The Crypt- (The Reformed Broker) - Josh Brown details his experience at a cryptocurrency conference in New York.

Personal Finance

Bill Sweet’s Year End Checklist- (The Big Picture) - 6 things you can be doing at the end of the year to possibly reduce your taxes.

Rebalancing Your Personal Balance Sheet- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Ben analyzes the decision to sell stocks in a positive market to pay down a mortgage.

A Checklist of 15 Financial Goals To Hit- (Budgets are Sexy) - Financial goals are different for everyone, but here are a few to concentrate on early in your career.

The Curse of the Young Millionaire - (A Wealth of Common Sense) - While Bitcoin is minting new millionaires, it's important to consider the complications that come with newfound wealth.

Personal Growth

These holiday gifts will help your friends and family earn a promotion- (MarketWatch.) - A few gifts and memberships to help with networking.

29 of the Most Gifted and Highly Recommended Books- (Farnam Street) - Putting some of these on my list to read and gift this holiday season.

There's a Dark Side to Mindfulness Meditation- (Big Think) - The effectiveness of meditation can depend on your psychological state.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 75+ festive things to do this weekend, including OMB’s Christmas Market, the ACC Championship Game and 5 different pop-up markets- (Charlotte Agenda) 

Millennials are about to control the City Council. How will they change Charlotte?- (Charlotte Agenda)

Lake Norman’s Highly Anticipated ‘Hello Sailor’ Restaurant Opening This Weekend- (Charlotte Stories)

Belmont's Jailhouse is the Slammer You Can Drink In - (Creative Loafing)