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Weekend Reading - December 8th, 2017

We assume that history is a great guide for what is to come, which is only sometimes true. We rely heavily on previous patterns…until they break. This is the classic black swan problem explained by Nassim Taleb, and highlights the difficulty with relying on financial history to make predictions.

Article of the Week

Beyond All Expectations (Of Dollars and Data) - Historical events don't always predict future outcomes in the market


This Could Be the Top - (The Irrelevant Investor) - "Every time stocks fall a little, it feels like they're going to fall a lot."

Beware the Parade of Annual Stock Market Forecasts (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Stick to your strategy rather than letting the headlines and salespeople drive your decision-making.

When a 10% Gain Makes You Feel Like a Loser- (Jason Zweig) - How contrast effects alter our view of market success.

Prosperity is a State of Mind - (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Market cycles can be driven by behavior and emotions just like they can be driven by numbers and logistics.

Major Asset Classes | November 2017 | Performance Review - (The Capital Spectator) - A review of the major index performance over the last month.


How To Read Financial News - (Collaborative Fund) - Read what you disagree with, understand the author's intentions, and read more than pure finance.

Five Simple Behavioural Tips for Better Long-Term Investment Decision Making - (Behavioural Investment)  - A few tips to keep you from making rash decisions in your portfolio.

Stop Searching for the Holy Grail - (Pension Partners) - Perfection does not exist in the market, no reward comes without some level of risk.

Bitcoin, Ignorance, and You - (Jason Zweig) - If you are looking to dip your toe into a new type of investing, start with a small account until you understand the trade-offs and risks.


The Case of the Bankerless Bubble - (The Reformed Broker) - This is one of few run-ups that investment bankers haven't been able to participate in.

Bitcoin was $800 a year ago. Now it's $17,000 - (CNN Money) - Bitcoin price is moving up quickly as fund managers are expected to pour money into the space.

Crypto Charting: 5 fascinating charts that put the rise of Bitcoin in perspective- (Topdown Charts) - Looking at the relevance of Bitcoin compared to the global market.

It just got real. - (The Reformed Broker) - Whether good or bad, the current Bitcoin craze is historic and will be remembered.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies - (Coursera) - Interested in learning more about Cryptocurrencies?  Princeton is offering a free online course.

Personal Finance

Timely Tale- (Humble Dollar) - How our view of finances changes as we age.

Building Your Fortune Through Time- (The White Coat Investor) - A few things to pay attention to in the different decades of our lives.


Ciao, Chrome: Firefox Quantum is the Browser Built for 2017- (Wired) - A look at the new Firefox browser.  Personal experience:  it's fast.

4 Holiday Party Tips for Introverts- (Inc.) - Put your conversation shoes on!

What It's Like to Get Caught in a Wildfire- (The Atlantic) - A personal encounter with the ongoing wildfire crisis in California.

Meet The Man Who’s Earned 1.2 Million United Miles by Renting Cars - (The Points Guy) - Ok, this is impressive.  This man loves his rental cars.

Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You - (Farnam Street) - Define what type of worker you are, and dictate your schedule accordingly.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 75+ things to do this weekend, including the Girl Tribe Pop-Up, Speedway Christmas and multiple Santa-themed bar crawls- (Charlotte Agenda) 

Self-guided Christmas walking tour of Uptown Charlotte- (Charlotte On The Cheap)

Amazon Now Offering 1 Hour Delivery of Milk and Bread For This Weekend’s Snow Storm- (Charlotte Stories)

Forbes just called this N.C. restaurant one of the ‘coolest places to eat’ in the world - (Charlotte Business Journal)