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Weekend Reading - February 23rd, 2018

Making time to think is a great example of something that's first-order  negative with some future payoff that's not easily visible. However,  when you think through problems, you'll not only come to better  decisions on the whole but you'll also avoid a lot of problems.

Article of the Week

Your First Thought Is Rarely Your Best Thought: Lessons on Thinking (Farnam Street) - Taking the time to think through issues and challenges can give you a big leg up.


Investors Have Spoken- (Humble Dollar) - If the recent market tells us anything, it's that investors are comfortable staying in the market moving forward.

Inequality in the Stock Market- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - The people that need the most help from the stock market have the least amount of resources.

There Are (Still) No Shortcuts For Estimating Recession Risk - (The Capital Spectator) - While it's virtually impossible to predict recessions, we can look for warning signs along the way.

How Worrisome is Future Inflation? - (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Is inflation as big of a deal as the headlines are making it?


Five Simple Heuristics to Make Us Smarter Investors - (Behavioural Investment) - A few thoughts to help guide investment decisions.

Too Clever By Half- (Epsilon Theory)  - A fantastic analogy of how financial innovation can breed dishonest advice.

What Investors Should Know about VIX- (Dash of Insight) - What once was a pure hedging tool, is now a widely used security.

Personal Finance

Getting Rich Is About Willpower: Why Give Up When You Can Keep On Going- (Financial Samurai) - It takes willpower to make the right decisions up front.

Money story: Two broke millennials in pursuit of financial freedom- (Get Rich Slowly) - A case study of a couple that turned their financial lives around and got out from under their debt obligations.

Live it up like a graduate student and save a fortune- (Monevator) - Saving in your younger years affords you the opportunity to live like you want to live in your later years.

Personal Growth

Want to Accomplish Your Biggest Goals This Year? Master These 4 Key Relationships- (Inc.) - Mastering relationships with yourself, team, clients, and mentors.

Seeing Your Blind Spots- (The Irrelevant Investor) - "I suspect that people persist in failure because they don’t even know  that they are failing in the first place. And they don’t know they’re  failing because they don’t record and track their results."


Happy Anniversary, Uber and Lyft- (Medium) - He stopped owning a personal car, and started saving.

Uber officially launches Uber Express POOL, a new twist on shared rides- (TechCrunch)  - The lower cost option is being rolled out in cities across the country.

When Calling and Uber Can Pay Off for Cities and States- (NY Times) - How tax revenue from Uber is helping cities improve infrastructure.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 70+ things to do this warm weekend, including Food Truck Friday, the Southern Home & Garden Show and a banana bar crawl- (Charlotte Agenda) 

How You Can Still Find A Deal In Charlotte’s Current Housing Market- (Charlotte Stories)

Charlotte startup scene's PitchBreakfast looks to expand its impact - (Charlotte Business Journal)