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Weekend Reading - February 2nd, 2017

[K]nowledge is indeed highly subjective, but we can quantify it with a bet. The amount we wager shows how much we believe in something.

Article of the Week

Bayes and Deadweight: Using Statistics to Eject the Deadweight From Your Life- (Farnam Street) - How do we identify those people who aren't contributing anything to our lives?


All The Major Asset Classes Scored Gains Last Week- (The Capital Spectator) - January ended on a fairly strong note.

Today’s Fed Statement- (Crossing Wall Street) - Economic activity continues to rise and the Fed decides to hold off on interest rate increases.

How to Beat Amazon - (Collaborative Fund) - A look into what companies can do to avoid being "Amazoned"


The Playing Field- (Graham Duncan) - Think of investing as five levels of a game.

It’s Hard To Predict How You’ll Respond To Risk- (Collaborative Fund)  - While we think we know how we'll react when something goes wrong, the answer isn't usually that clear.

The Best Way to Lose $5 Billion Dollars - (Of Dollars and Data) - A case study of the Vanderbilt family.

Five Ways to Diversify - (Humble Dollar) - Diverisification involves more than just picking a range of investments.  We must look at taxes, saving, and expenditures as well.

Houses Are Still Underwater? - (The Maven) - Should we be thinking of our home as an investment?


Can Amazon and Friends Handle Health Care? There’s Reason for Doubt- (NY Times) - It may take longer than you think for this trio to make a substantial impact on the healthcare industry.

Amazon Health- (Stratechery) - A breakdown of how Amazon could be successful in disrupting the healthcare industry.

Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, and Warren Buffett unite to disrupt healthcare's profit motive- (Big Think) - Three of the brightest minds talk about conceptually turning the healthcare industry on its head.


San Francisco Will Clear Thousands of Marijuana Convictions- (NY Times) - After legalization, the city will make it easier for those with past convictions to obtain jobs and clear background checks.

The U.S. legal marijuana industry is booming- (CNN Money) - The industry took in $9 billion in 2017 and is projected to bring in over $20 billion as more states legalize.

Weed Prices Across USA- (The Big Picture) - An illustration of Mary Jane prices across the United States.


MoviePass CEO: $10 unlimited movie service is playing catch up to its own growth- (CNN Media) - MoviePass is revitalizing a struggling movie theater market.

Is MoviePass Here to Stay?- (The Atlantic)  - Low subscription prices, high recent adoption, and growing revenues means a new model for movie-goers.

MoviePass Cuts Off Some AMC Theaters as Big Picture Plan Comes Into Focus- (Gizmondo) - The company fires a warning shot at AMC now that it has bargaining power with its customers.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 70+ things to do this weekend, including The Queen City Brewers Festival, multiple puppy bowls and 20 Super Bowl LII watch parties- (Charlotte Agenda) 

2018 State of the Center City Charlotte- (Charlotte Stories)

Oyster-themed restaurant, rooftop bar headed to South End- (Charlotte Business Journal)