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Weekend Reading - February 9th, 2018

What decisions would you make differently if you were factoring safety margins into your life? To be fair, you can’t put them everywhere. Otherwise, your life might be all margin and no living. But you can identify the maximum load your life is currently designed to withstand and figure out how close to it you are coming.

Article of the Week

Making the Most of Second Chances- (Farnam Street) - Identify unlikely risks and build a margin of safety around them, allowing you to learn from mistakes and make the most of them.


Why the Stock Market Falls (Sometimes)- (Pragmatic Capital) - Sometimes there's just not a fancy story for why the market declines.

Yield Curve Inversions Aren’t Great For Stocks- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Watch the 10-year treasury spread for clues on how the market might perform over the next few years.

Stock Gyrations - (The Grumpy Economist) - A great technical and fundamental look at why we may be seeing the recent market fluctuations.


The Fundamentals Are Sound- (Epsilon Theory) - What are fundamentals and are they really a good explanation for market events?

How to Prepare for a Market Downturn- (Peter Lazaroff)  - 4 Steps to using a Safety Net Analysis to prepare for a down market.

3 Investing Mistake to Avoid - (Morningstar) - Timely tips in a volatile market.

Personal Finance

The $121,500 Guestroom- (Humble Dollar) - A few words of caution in regards to overspending on a home purchase.

How To Manage Your Money In The Gig Economy- (Fast Company) - Great advice on how to plan your finances when your freelance work results in variable income.  

Building a wealth snowball- (Get Rich Slowly) - Small investments and compounding returns can result in great wealth down the road.

Personal Growth

Why Brainstorming Groups Kill Breakthrough Ideas (and What To Do Instead)- (Inc.) - Isolation can assist with creativity and idea development, rather than fearing what other people may think of your ideas.

The Science of Good Timing- (The Simple Dollar) - While we can't control timing, we can control how we set up our day to enhance productivity.

How I Created Great Rituals in January- (Zen Habits) - Start small and develop manageable habits to help compound your success moving forward.

Social Media

Facebook Is Finally Testing a Powerful Feature That Users Have Begged For Since 2009- (Inc.) - The dislike button is under testing.

Snapchat’s big redesign bashed in 83% of user reviews- (Tech Crunch)  - Users aren't overly happy with newest updates on the social media platform.

Why Twitter is now profitable for the first time ever- (Washington Post) - While there is a lot of work to be done, user growth has been positive over the last year.

Winter Olympics

What happens with North Korea after the Olympics? - (Big Think) - A look at how the US may manage its tensions with North Korea during and after the Olympics.

How bad an investment are the Olympic Games for host cities? - (Big Think) - The average $4.5 billion dollar expense rarely pays dividends for the host country.

How to Watch the Winter Olympics If You Don’t Have Cable - (Slate) - The internet saves the day for those that don't pay for full-price cable packages.

The Olympics’ Never-Ending Struggle to Keep Track of Time - (The New Yorker) - As competition increases, nailing the times down to the thousandths of a second is a never-ending endeavor.  

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 70+ things to do this weekend, including multiple pop-up shops, Mardi Gras parties and 5Ks- (Charlotte Agenda) 

The Carolina Panther Has Now Officially Been Declared Extinct- (Charlotte Stories)

Target Will Start Offering Same-Day Delivery To Charlotte Residents- (Charlotte Stories)