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Weekend Reading - January 12th, 2018

“What has the greatest collection of humanity and IQ and financial  capital been brought together to accomplish?” Galloway asked the crowd.  “To save world hunger? To create greater comity of man? I don’t think  so. … Their singular mission, simply put, it’s to sell another fucking  Nissan.”

Article of the Week

Big Tech: The New Predatory Capitalism- (The American Prospect) - Is big tech truly helping civilization progress?


If you remember only one thing about inflation, remember this- (The Reformed Broker) - A technical look at the potential rising inflationary environment ahead of us.

10 Things Investors Can Expect in 2018- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - General expectations that we see unfold almost every year.

How Long Will The Stock Market’s Low-Volatility Regime Last?- (The Capital Spectator) - There is an upbeat macro-outlook on the market, but what risks have the potential to derail the smooth ride of 2017?

2018 Investment Outlook - (Above the Market) - A great long form piece on market expectations over the next year.  


What Investors Must Know About the Fed and Inflation- (Dash of Insight) - Developing an understanding of the Fed's view of inflation.

Office Hours Summary…You Are Not Alone - (Mel Faber Research)  - A step by step guide on creating an investment plan for yourself.

Waiting for The Market to Boom is a Terrible Strategy - (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Short-term narratives don't lend themselves to sound investment strategies for individuals.


95 Crypto Theses for 2018- (Two Bit Idiot) - 95 predictions of where crypto MIGHT land over the next year.

Please Millennials, No Do Not Save in Bitcoin- (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Bitcoin isn't stable enough to be considered a safe asset for savings.

The secret lives of students who mine cryptocurrency in their dorm rooms - (Quartz) - Students across the country are using university-provided utilities to make a few extra bucks.

Let the Paramedics Sort Them Out - (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Being a first-mover isn't always the most profitable.  Sometimes it pays to wait.

Ether Tops Ripple to Reclaim Second Spot in Crypto Rankings - (Bloomberg) - Ripple's growth is thwarted by Coinbase's decision not to list new cryptocurrencies on its platform.

How China's Stifling Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: QuickTake Q&A - (Bloomberg) - China is attempting to cleanse risk from their financial markets through regulation.

Personal Finance

The Three Levels Of Financial Independence: Because Money Is Only Part Of The Equation- (Financial Samurai) - Finding a way to make progress through the three stages of financial independence, from budgeting to full independence.

Lost Items- (Humble Dollar) - A creative way to continue getting tax preparation deductions.

The Secret to Using Money to Buy Happiness- (Peter Lazaroff) - Experience vs. Stuff

Personal Growth

How to Get 10 Times the LinkedIn Connections in Just 10 Minutes a Day- (Inc.) - Engage more on LinkedIn to get the results you are looking for.

10 Excellent Online Courses I Highly Recommend (and They’re All Free!) - (The Simple Dollar) - A few free courses on programming, learning, music theory, poetry, and philosophy.  

Seven Things I Learned From One Year of Blogging- (Of Dollars and Data) - Some fantastic tips from one of my favorite bloggers out there.


How to Win Every Negotiation (by Not Trying to Win) - (Inc.) - Be honest, empathize, and listen more when trying to get a deal done.

The Somewhat Revised Art of the Deal - (Washington Post) - Use the current administration as an example when using negotiation techniques.

Negotiating - (Collaborative Fund) - Consider finding middle ground, even if you have the upper hand.

The Art of Letting Other People Have Your Way: Negotiating Secrets from Chris Voss - (Farnam Street) - A great listen (1 hr 20min) on techniques that high stakes negotiators use that can be implemented in daily situations.


Jeff Bezos is the richest person in history- (CNN Money) - Are you surprised?

Complexity Bias: Why We Prefer Complicated to Simple- (Farnam Street) - Sifting the essential from the non-essential

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 40+ things to do this weekend, including an oyster roast, brunch cocktail class and Bulldog Beauty Pageant- (Charlotte Agenda) 

More than 25% of Charlotte homebuyers paid above asking price in 2017 - (Charlotte Business Journal)

Charlotte’s Light Rail Extension Officially Opening To The Public on March 16th- (Charlotte Stories)