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Weekend Reading - January 19th, 2018

In the world we live in, luck is so important and connections are  everything. So if you can make that introduction for someone, or offer  that small bit of encouragement to someone at a crucial moment when it  really matters most, I think you’re supposed to do it. I think that’s  what we’re all here for.

Article of the Week

I think I know what we’re supposed to do- (The Reformed Broker) - Encourage greatness among others - a feel-good story.


Stock Exchange: Are You Still On The Sidelines?- (Dash of Insight) - The market heads towards a strong start in 2018.

Fear the Stock Market's Exuberance, Not the Economy- (Bloomberg) - Although the economy is strong, it doesn't mean we can't see some short term pain in the market.


Risky Business- (Collaborative Fund) - "Risk’s greatest fuels are leverage, overconfidence, ego, and impatience. Its greatest enemies are having options, humility, and other people’s trust."

The Thrill of Uncertainty - (Collaborative Fund)  - "A high degree of uncertainty and unpredictability is markets’ price of admission, and it’s also the drug that keeps us hooked."

Even With Low Returns, Bonds Still Have Their Use- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Although they aren't performing as well, bonds still provide neccessary risk mitigation in a portfolio.


The rise and fall of bitcoin- (The Economist) - The euphoria bubble illustrated.

Everyone is Getting Hilariously Rich, and You are Not- (NY Times) - A behind the scenes view of the cryptocurrency elite.

Will Centralized Entities Ruin the Decentralized Party? - (Pragmatic Capitalism) - Corporations have the ability to use cryptocurrencies to their advantage.

Personal Finance

Five steps to make more money while growing your career- (Get Rich Slowly) - Grow your career to grow your money to lessen what you spend.  Get it?

A Closer Look at Homeowners Insurance- (Independence Advisors) - Breaking down homeowners insurance.

More for Your Money- (Humble Dollar) - Some ideas for those year-end bonuses.


Why dolphins are deep thinkers - (The Guardian) - Intelligent dolphins figure out a form of arbitrage.

In Colorado, a glimpse of renewable energy’s insanely cheap future - (Vox) - In short time, Colorado has reported that renewable energy is much cheaper that traditional forms.

Enormous Galaxy Cluster = 3 Million Billion Suns - (The Big Picture) - Image of one of the brightest galaxies in the universe.

What I Learned from Quitting Social Media for 5 Days - (Medium) - An increase in happiness, productivity, and focus.

Why the King Complex Makes the Internet So Hard to Put Down - (Art of Manliness) - Bring me my information, peasant.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 50+ things to do this weekend, including Queen’s Feast, Women’s March and the 90’s Bar Crawl- (Charlotte Agenda) 

City Council Approves Massive Entertainment Complex w/ Charlotte’s Second Topgolf- (Charlotte Stories)

Charlotte fails to deliver for Amazon as Southeast competitors make HQ2 cut - (Charlotte Business Journal)

Charlotte brewery eyes S.C. expansion - (Charlotte Business Journal)