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Weekend Reading - January 5th, 2018

The more we are within our circle of competence the more likely our intuition proves correct.

Article of the Week

Intuition vs. Rationality: Where One Stops the Other Starts-  (Farnam Street) - Intuition and rationality both serve a purpose, know when to use which.


Taking Stock of a Very Weird Year in Markets- (Bloomberg) - Next to zero volatility, international outperformance, and a stellar end to the year.  

Major Asset Classes - December 2017 Performance Review - (The Capital Spectator) - A review of assets class performance in the last month of December.

2017 in Review- (Bason Asset Management) - An overview of the markets, tax legislation, and economic progress.

Highest Returns Are Often Realized During Early Stages Of Bubble Formations - (Price Action Lab) - High return markets are usually followed by periods of higher risk and lower returns.

Why investors are facing ‘the Icarus dilemma’ in 2018 - (MarketWatch) - Are we flying too close to the sun?


The Three Body Portfolio- (Epsilon Theory) - Finding alpha has become increasingly difficult.

Upside Risk Management - (A Wealth of Common Sense)  - The risk of missing out on large gains or good years in the market.

Personal Finance

Hard Inquiries and Soft Pulls on Your Credit Report: What’s the Difference?- (The Simple Dollar) - It's good to know what types of credit checks actually effect your credit.

How to 'Death Clean' Your Finances - (NerdWallet) - Now is a great time for an early spring cleaning of finances.

First Things First - (The Humble Dollar) - Going into 2018, prioritize one financial goal at a time to cut the noise and get it done.

Tax Bill

So, you got a tax cut. Now what? - (CNN Money) - A look at what some people will be doing with their excess tax funds.

What tax reform means for the next big lottery winner- (CNN Money) - Winners in states that don't tax lottery winnings have a clear advantage.

Only a small slice of corporate America has shared tax savings with workers so far- (CNN Money) - "Only 16 companies in the S&P 500 have responded to the tax overhaul by raising wages, handing out bonuses, or improving employee benefits."

Personal Growth

10 New Year's Resolutions You Can Steal from Philosophers - (Big Think) - A few thoughts from well-known philosophers for 2018.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Brain Sharper  - (Big Think) - Cutting out multitasking, eating with chopsticks, meditating, and a few other strategies for sharpening the saw.

Don't ask how to be more productive next year. Ask why you want to be - (QZ) - Ask how your life will change if you make traction in different areas.


The Case for the Subway - (NY Times) - A great article on the rise and fall of the NY Subway and the case for spending hundreds of billions of dollars to revamp it.

Why Are We So Bad at Predicting How Much Snow We’ll Get? - (Slate) - Why your weatherman is not totally to blame.

Make Better Tacos - (Seth Godin) - Be good at something, not everything.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 40+ things to do this weekend, including a dog-friendly brewery crawl and plenty of free workouts- (Charlotte Agenda) 

Where North Carolina ranks for small-business job growth in 2017 - (Charlotte Business Journal)

Charlotte is Officially Colder Than Alaska- (Charlotte Stories)