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Weekend Reading - November 17th, 2017

Understanding only comes – is earned – through training, effort and experience. Despite the ever-increasing onslaught of information, true understanding is at least as valuable as it ever was.

Article of the Week

Meaning is Expensive- (Above the Market) - separating the falsehoods from the facts has become increasingly difficult.


A Little Knowledge is Dangerous- (Of Dollars and Data) - How to spot your own overconfidence in decision making.

How to Deal With Market-Moving News- (A Wealth of Common Sense) - A few personal strategies to handle shake-ups in the stock market.


Life After Amazon- (The Humble Dollar) - Phil Dawson's spending habits changed once he disconnected from Amazon.

Mike Dariano on How to Spend Less-  (Peter Lazaroff) - Prioritize expenses, track purchases, and think deeply about the big stuff.

Can Money Buy You Happiness?- (The Evidence-Based Investor) - Overall well-being is just as important as financial well-being.

Real Estate

What Every Home Seller Should Do Before Listing- (Financial Samurai) - A few home sale cases to help understand what you should be doing before listing.

Making Space for a Home Office - (NY Times) - 10 tips to help transform your home office space.

If you opt to use a self-directed IRA to purchase real estate, be sure you understand the rules- (Washington Post) - While you can hold real estate in an IRA, the rules are complex.

You have to pay nearly $1 million just to view these apartments - (CNN Money) - You could say the Hong Kong real estate market is...boiling.


Elon Musk Uses This 6-Step Process to Make Decisions - (Inc.) - Musk uses the scientific process to assist in decision-making.

Here’s what it’s like to sit in the new Tesla Semi- (Tech Crunch) - I find myself suddenly wanting to own a semi - does anyone need help moving?

Elon Musk's Tesla Semi Truck Sets a New Standard for the Trucking Industry- (Inc.) - Lots of upgrades from traditional semi's including advanced safety mechanisms.  Also, 0-60 in 5 seconds with an empty trailer?!

Surprise: There's A New Tesla Roadster With 620 Miles Of Range - (Jalopnik) - Starting at $200,000, the fastest 0-60 production car in history.


You’re Doing Thanksgiving Wrong, Says Anthony Bourdain - (Bloomberg) - The best tip, "Prepare a stunt turkey and a business turkey."

Fire Up the Flavor: Old-School Techniques for a Tastier Turkey - (Wall Street Journal) - Marrying unconventional turkey methods with old school standards.

Avoid these days when traveling for Thanksgiving - (MarketWatch) - The best and worst days for flying/driving during the Thanksgiving holiday.

What Are Your Thanksgiving Award Travel Tips? - (The Points Guy) - A few tips for saving dollar bills on flights.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: 75 things to do this weekend, including Science on the Rocks, a few tree lightings and multiple visits with Santa- (Charlotte Agenda) 

Three outdoor skating rinks open this week- (Charlotte on the Cheap)

Public Gives Overwhelming Approval For New Rail Lines To Lake Norman and Gaston County- (Charlotte Stories)

Charlotte Housing Monthly Review – October 2017 - (Charlotte Stories)

Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $70,000 salary - (Charlotte Agenda)