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Weekend Reading - October 20th, 2017

This is why understanding yourself is the most important part of the investment process. If you don’t understand yourself — your reactions, your personality traits, your biases, your limitations — it doesn’t matter which type of investor you’re supposed to be. It matters which type of investor you are. ~Ben Carlson


 Risk Perception vs. Risk Profile(A Wealth of Common Sense) - Ben talks about the importance of understanding yourself as an investor.

Losing with a Winning Hand - (Of Dollars and Data) - Understanding that some investments will under perform from time to time can help you make better decisions.

A Decade Watching the Craziest Game - (The Collaborative Fund) - A few things learned over 10 years of investment blogging.


Netflix, Inc (NFLX) Adds 5.3 Million Subscribers in Q3 2017 - (InvestorPlace) - Tops outlooks of 4.5-5M subscibers for the quarter.

Netflix Crushes It's Own Expectations for Subscription Growth Again - (TechCrunch) - Who here doesn't already have the Netflix service???

Netflix Plans Huge Movie Push as it Faces Post-Disney Reality - (MarketWatch) - Fewer licensing deals, and more original films as companies compete in the streaming space.

Here's How to Break Down the Billions Netflix Spends on Original Movies and Shows - (MarketWatch) - $2.6 Billion spent on new content in Q3.

Netflix Original Content Costs are Ballooning - (Tech Crunch) - $17 billion in content commitments over the next several years.


A First Look Inside Southwest's Boeing 737 Max 8 (The Points Guy) - A review of the planes in the Southwest fleet.

The Best Day to Book a Flight - and Other Airfare Tips - (Nerd Wallet) - Book on Sunday at least 21 days in advance.  Avoid booking on Fridays.

Higher Fares Give Airlines a Boost - (CNN Money) - Strong passenger demand is leading to higher prices and higher bottom lines.

Personal Finance

My Financial Philosophy - The Core Tenants of Get Rich Slowly - (Get Rich Slowly) - A few lessons to learn both personally and financially.

 The Battle Between Freedom and Affluence - (The Simple Dollar) - Balance what is most important to you in order to gain happiness from your money.

Charlotte Happenings

Agenda Weekender: Over 85 things to do this weekend including the South End Wine Fest, 24th Annual Apple Harvest Festival and GUTS(Charlotte Agenda) 

5 Power-Packed Itineraries for Your Sunday Funday Depending on Your Ambition - (Charlotte Agenda)

Kelvin Benjamin Is The NFL's Clutchest Receiver  - (FiveThirtyEight)

What's New in Charlotte (Fall '17) - (Charlotte's Got a Blog)