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Weekend Reading - October 6th, 2017

Data has proven that deep, uninterrupted thinking leads to great accomplishments. Unfortunately, most of us spend huge amounts of time on things that get us nowhere.  ~Anthony Isola


Living in a Financial Commercial (A Teachable Moment) - Lack of focus or shallowness of thought can be a hindrance to success.

Saving Money and Running Backwards (Collaborative Fund) - The difference between dreaming and accomplishing

Taking Financial Advice From a Lottery Winner (A Wealth of Common Sense) - Should you be spending time looking for home-run investments?


Mesmerizing 30 Day Timelapse At Sea (FeldThoughts) - Yes, I DID sit and watch the full 10 minutes - pretty awesome.

You're Not Fast Enough to Swat a Fly - Here's Why (Big Think) - Apparently flies operate in the Matrix.

How Every NFL Team's Fans Lean Politically (FiveThirtyEight) - Based on a national survey of 2,290 NFL fans.


How 2 Twin Brothers Turned Boston's Love of Sports Into a Big Business (Inc.) - Started with a pennant, now we're here.

Here are the Actual Tax Rate the Biggest Companies in America Pay (MarketWatch) - Some extremely high and extremely low rates here.

Personal Growth

Just Twenty-Five Pages a Day (Farnam Street) - How to read all those books you ordered on Amazon last year.

Here's What Mindfulness Is (and Isn't) Good For (Harvard Business Review) - Stronger focus, improved memory, and a litany of other benefits.

Staying Ahead of Becoming Obsolete (The Simple Dollar) - It's not just about advancing your career, it's about protecting it.